Our programs allow the government & clergy to contact us to help

We offer "Growing in Grace

to Success" program to assist

in finding a job & other tasks

We empower women by letting them know that they are significant and that they can win again in all areas of their lives.  Whether they are a soldier to civilian, sex industry, penal/detention system, and teen girls that are in trouble at home or on the streets.


It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do for women in our communities. This list details new initiatives that we need your participation in.

  • 2-4 year program to help them become self-sufficient in finances, family planning, self-confidence 
  • Teens entering the program are partnered with women without children, so they strengthen each other during the program
  • Graduates are encouraged to pay it forward to the next class, this creates a dynamic success rate.

Women Global Status

When women are given a sanctuary to live in, a clear way of communicating without the fear of hurt/shame, structure to know how to handle problems without  substances or escapism, and when they are given better choices our communities thrive. When a woman is changed, so are the following generations that she touches.


Safety & Security

Refuge Women's Transition Center

Our Mission

To assist everyone that enters regardless of religion, race, or creed

We have women that are missing in various states in the United States, and our goal is to change those numbers.  When a woman has a safe place to thrive, then she won't put herself in situations of danger to feed her family.  Our goal is to remove that sense of desperation.


We’re fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, someone to assist when things get hard, or just to get a hand up instead of a hand out.  That isn't the case for most women and they turn to other things to helps ends meet, even things they wouldn't normally do under better circumstances.